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Best Electric Scooters 2019

Electric scooters have been gaining exponential popularity in the past few years!

And there are many reasons why. Here are some of them:

1. They are 100% electric and can save you lots of money on gas and parking.

2. They can be parked almost anywhere, which is a HUGE benefit in the city and near the beach and crowded areas.

3. Electric scooters are very simple to maintain and require minimal upkeep, such as only brakes and tires. Unlike traditional gas scooters that require frequent repairs and are often unreliable, electric scooters have no spark plugs and no engine oil to replace, and they always start up!

This is an awesome article from the famous ELECTREK magazine talking about the benefits of electric scooters and mopeds:

" That 30 mph (48 km/h) limit has a big advantage, which is to keep it street legal as a moped in as much of the country as possible.

For example, here in Massachusetts I can ride the ... electric scooter with just a regular driver’s license. I don’t need to get a license plate (even though it came with one) or insurance (strangely). I can legally ride in the road with cars or in the bike lane with bikes. Parking for mopeds isn’t clearly defined in the law here, but they are de-facto allowed to park anywhere bicycles can. That opens up sidewalks and other free parking, as long as you are considerate about parking only where there’s plenty of room left for pedestrians."

Zoom customers have voted the Zoom Scooters to be among the best electric scooters of 2019!

Check out the happy Zoom customers across the nation and why Zoom Scooters are among the best electric scooters of 2019:

Customer testimonial from Jerry of Port St. Lucie:

"Very pleased with the purchase of two electric Zoom Scooters and how they performed. I never rode a scooter before, so I did not know what to expect. I was VERY surprised how quiet they rode and how beautiful they are. These scooters looked and performed greater than my expectations. The company did a terrific job in the execution of the details of the scooters. Nothing was overlooked. The personnel of the company are TOP NOTCH, Always available to give me tips and guidance on the ins & outs of the scooters. Could not be more pleased! Looking forward to many years of enjoyment with them!"

Customer testimonial from Steve K. of Indiana :

"Just got mine today, and it goes 40kph in the 2nd gear mode!'s way faster than any of the gas bikes i've built. Plus much smoother ride, and zero vibration. Plenty of torque right off the start too. It was even more than I thought it would be.

Very Happy with this scooter!:) Best priced Electric scooter in the USA:)"

Zoom Scooters are designed by the makers of the famous Ampere Roadsters. Zoom’s engineers and designers are capable and passionate, hailing from the world-famous car design school at Art Center College in addition to UCLA, the Ford Motor Company, and Smart Car Design Team. We have been building electric cars, motorcycles, and electric scooters and mopeds for more than 15 years now, and we believe in charting a brighter path into the future – one mile at a time.

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