Our #1 priority at Zoom is your happiness!  That means we stand by our products 100%, no questions asked.  If you have an issue, we will solve it.  Whatever it takes.  Just reach out to our Customer Happiness Team.  We strive to bring you happiness with our products!  Guaranteed.


(NO license needed in many states if we set the top speed of your scooters to 20 mph.  Regular top speed is 30mph.)



Free Delivery ($300-700 Value)

Free Life Time Tech Support

Free 2 year Warranty on Powertrain ($99 Value)

Free USB Phone Charger ($100 Value)

Free Side Mirrors ($38 Value)

Free Smart Alarm System ($100 Value) 

Free Pre-Delivery Inspection ($100 Value)

Manufacturer Certificate of Origin ($100)


Please note Zoom & Bloom Scooters are different companies. We have much better and newer technologies on our batteries & electric motors! Please don't be confused by online reviews on Bloom.




Pictures showing many ACTUAL happy customers across the U.S.!


Customer testimonial from Jerry in Port St. Lucie, Florida:

"Very pleased with the purchase of two electric Zoom Scooters and how they performed. I was VERY surprised how quiet they rode and how beautiful they are. These scooters looked and performed greater than my expectations. The company did a terrific job in the execution of the details of the scooters. The personnel of the company are TOP NOTCH, Always available to give me tips and guidance on the ins & outs of the scooters. Could not be more pleased! Looking forward to many years of enjoyment with them!"


Customer testimonial from Steve K. in Indiana :


"  I'd probably say that it being electric is a major plus for me. Also the fact that it is completely silent is an impressive feature too.  Additionally, it is truly a blast to ride in town and around the county too. You'll be able to get in and around traffic with ease! And since it is electric you can ride, and park pretty much wherever you want, which is a very sweet feature in itself.


Have reached 59 miles on a charge and still showing 3 out of 5 bars battery level!

It goes up to 35mph!'s way faster than any of the gas bikes i've built.  Plus much smoother ride, and zero vibration.  Plenty of torque right off the start too.  It was even more than I thought it would be. 


Very Happy with this scooter!:)  Best priced Electric scooter in the USA:)"


Customer testimonial from David B. in  Massachusetts


"My new bike is running great feels very comfortable great suspension very happy with it."



  • Range: Up to 60 miles (100km); some customers have achieved more than 60 miles!  (range depends on riding style, road conditions, and weight.)
  • Powerful & maintenance free (adjustable up to about 1000-1500 W of power) brushless hub motor in rear wheel, no chain or belt to service. Will last a very long time!
  • Much better torque and acceleration than gas scooters!
  • Speed: Up to about 30 mph depending on state regulations and road conditions and weight
  • We can limit the top speed to 20 mph if needed, so you do not need a license to operate in many states:)
  • Dimensions:  Length: 68 inches; width: 20 inches; height of seat: 29 inches
  • Trunk space with lock & cup/phone holder
  • Seating capacity: 2
  • USB charging port
  • About 3-6 hours, on average, to charge with the included heavy-duty smart charger with cooling fans
  • Optional luggage rack and box can be ordered on the accessories page
  • Reverse gear, which is a very useful feature for parking and is rarely found in scooters!
  • Smart alarm system with remote key that prevents scooter from being pushed when armed
  • Double Halo LED Headlight system
  • 72-volt system
  • 1.5 kwh battery capacity
  • Heavy-duty, reliable, maintenance-free batteries
  • Sturdy steel chassis
  • Flexible ABS body panels
  • Digital speedometer
  • Digital horn
  • Heavy-duty tires
  • Turn signal lights w/ front and back LEDs
  • Front and rear hydraulic suspension
  • Front and rear cross-drilled brakes
  • Double Halo driving LED lights
  • Pre-assembled and ready to ride
  • Weighs about 180 lbs
  • Maximum load up to about 350 lbs
  • 2-year warranty on motor and controller, 1 year on batteries

Get around the city in a whole new way. Never pay for gas and parking again!


This is an awesome article from the famous ELECTREK magazine talking about the benefits of electric mopeds:

" That 30 mph (48 km/h) limit has a big advantage, which is to keep it street legal as a moped in as much of the country as possible.

For example, here in Massachusetts I can ride the ... electric scooter with just a regular driver’s license. I don’t need to get a license plate (even though it came with one) or insurance (strangely).
I can legally ride in the road with cars or in the bike lane with bikes. Parking for mopeds isn’t clearly defined in the law here, but they are de-facto allowed to park anywhere bicycles can. That opens up sidewalks and other free parking, as long as you are considerate about parking only where there’s plenty of room left for pedestrians."

Zoom Electric Scooters 1500 Watts, 60 Mile Range, 30 MPH Speed & FREE Shipping!