What is the range per charge?

You can get up to 60 miles per charge, depending on how and where you ride it. Actually many customers have achieved more than 60 miles per charge!

How do I charge the Zoom Scooters?

The best thing is you can charge it via regular wall outlets! And it takes only about 4-7 hours to charge. A smart charger with cooling fans is included!

Do I need a license?

In many states, you just need a regular driver's license, and in some states you won't need a license. You should check your local regulations to confirm. This is an awesome article from the famous ELECTREK magazine talking about the benefits of electric mopeds regarding licensing and registration:

" That 30 mph (48 km/h) limit has a big advantage, which is to keep it street legal as a moped in as much of the country as possible.

For example, here in Massachusetts I can ride the ... electric scooter with just a regular driver’s license. I don’t need to get a license plate (even though it came with one) or insurance (strangely).
I can legally ride in the road with cars or in the bike lane with bikes. Parking for mopeds isn’t clearly defined in the law here, but they are de-facto allowed to park anywhere bicycles can. That opens up sidewalks and other free parking, as long as you are considerate about parking only where there’s plenty of room left for pedestrians."

What is the warranty?

You will get a peace of mind warranty. 2 years on the motor and controller; 1 year on batteries; 2 years on chassis structures.

Does it require assembly?

It is pre-assembled in the US and ready to ride!

Is it easy to maintain and where do I get service if needed?

Yes! They are electric so they require no oil change or spark plugs like the old days. You will most lilkely just change the tires and brakes, which can be purchased at great prices directly from us. System items such as Brake fluid, brake pads, and tires should be inspected every time before the scooter is operated; and these items should be replaced periodially based on the mileage and road conditions. Also, the power comes from a very durable HI TECH brushless hub electric motor. It is maintenance free because there is no chain or belt to service. It will last a very long time! We work with mobile mechanics in your area who can go to you directly for servicing if needed, similar to Tesla's model! Very easy.

Do I need a helmet?

You will need a helmet in most states.

Does it have space for a passenger?

It has space for a passenger. You should check with your local regulations to make sure if you are allowed to carry a passenger. Thanks.

What is the top speed?

The Zoom Electric Scooters can get up to 40mph. It depends on your local regulations. On average we have customers going from 25-35 mph.

Test ride?

Yes, you can come to our Los Angeles factory for test rides! Please contact us ahead of time so we can serve you better.


Our #1 priority at Zoom is your happiness! Which mean we stand by our products 100%, no questions asked. If you have an issue, we will solve it. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our Customer Happiness Team. We strive to bring you happiness with our products! Guaranteed.

How is the acceleration and power?

Since it is 100% electric, the Zoom scooter offers amazing torque and acceleration off the line. It feels much faster and smoother than traditional gas scooters. Also being electric, it requires minimal Maintenance and repairs compared to gas scooters. You will save tons of money in the long run.

Startup instructions & General steps to take before riding

The fun is ready to begin! At this point, you should have received your awesome Zoom Scooter, and we greatly appreciate your business!

The easiest way to take the scooter out of the steel crate is: Remove the two verticle bars in the center, one small diagonal bar near the rear wheel; cut all the tie wires; lift the rear wheel and slide it out; finally slide the scooter from the crate.

First turn the key to the left without pushing it in to open the trunk to get your mirrors, alarm remote keys, and smart charger.

Please install the mirrors. Charge the scooter until one of the red lights on the charger turns green; this may take a few hours depending on the state of the existing charger from the factory. The charging port is in front of the seat.

Unplug the charger and turn the key to the right to turn on the scooter. Make sure the brakes work properly before riding. Disarm the alarm every time before riding.

Also train yourself sufficiently in a safe environment before going out on the streets. Since regulations can be different in every city or state, please check with your local regulations on registration and insurace requirements before riding. If needed, we will send you the MCO (manufacturer's certificate of origin) for registration. Please contact us for details regarding the VIN label.

Twist the throttle on the right gradually because the torque is almost instant from the electric motor.

The speed setting (1,2,3) on the right handle presents the option to set the top speed you need. 1 is slowest and 3 is fastest.

The pink wires near the back fender are speed limiter wires. You can plug them in to limit the top speed to about 20 mph. Otherwise you can tape them back inside the panel.

Avoid riding up steep hills. Avoid riding in very wet conditions. The stated 60 maximum range is for riding on flat grounds. Riding uphill will reasonably decrease the maximum range. And keep an eye on the voltage (the number near the top showing a number and a V) shown on the dashboard; if it is below 73 V, you should charge it again.

The power breaker under the seat may trip if the scooter experiences over current. So, if your scooter does not have power, please check that first.

The scooters comes with a new smart alarm system. To arm the system, press the lock button on the remote. To ride the scooter, you need to disarm the system by pressing the unlock button. You can also use the new keyless start function to turn on the scooter without using the key; you just need to press the lightning button on the remote twice.

Enjoy and stay safe!

Where can I check out reviews from current customers?

You can check out the many reviews by our current customers here: https://www.zoomescooters.com/customers-gallery as well as our our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/ZoomUSAelectricscooters/ And reputabale review site at: https://cleantechnica.com/2019/12/08/zoom-electric-scooters-first-impressions/