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What is the best electric scooter moped for commuting during the pandemic?

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

The fast changing world is cultivating many new ways of doing things. This is especially pronounced in the transportation space. People are looking for new ways to get around while staying safe. Public transportation used to be the best form of transportation in the city before the pandemic, therefore Personal transportation has become the preferred mode.

Consumers have to strike a balance between affordability and safety. Electric scooters mopeds fit this formula very well. They offer way more comfort and safety features than Bird style stand up scooters and electric bikes, while costing about the same at about $1800-4000.

Zoom Electric Scooter Mopeds are chosen by many customers as among the best scooters mopeds on the market. Above all, Zoom offers the best value at only $1899 with FREE shipping. The range per charge is up to 60 miles, which is the longest in its class. Zoom Scooters feature many comfort items such front and back suspension, big cushioned seat, step through design, comfortable natural riding position, reverse gear, thick comfort tires, etc. In the safety department, Zoom Scooters feature front and back cross drilled hydraulic disc brakes, front and back lights, turn signal lights, brake lights, smart alarm system, regenerative braking, steel chassis, etc.

Zoom electric scooter mopeds will transform your life in the city. You will have tons of fun while travelling green!


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