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Add a little electricity to your life!

Zoom Electric Scooters are created by the makers of the famous Ampere Electric Roadsters

At Zoom USA, we have a clear and simple vision: to offer electric mobility products that are green, fresh, and affordable. Featured on ABC and CNBC, we are based in Los Angeles.


Our goal is to solve all urban transportation challenges through creative, forward-thinking innovations. We have spent years researching and testing electric scooters and mopeds, which we have determined to be the ideal vehicles for city travel that is affordable and convenient.

Zoom’s engineers and designers are capable and passionate, hailing from the world-famous car design school at Art Center College in addition to UCLA, the Ford Motor Company, and Smart Car Design Team. We have been building electric cars, motorcycles, and scooters for more than 15 years now, and we believe in charting a brighter path into the future – one mile at a time.

Zoom is expanding rapidly in North America.  We are constantly looking for the right partners in major cities, and we welcome dealers to join our fast-growing network. Take part in the electric revolution. Contact us today!

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