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Switching to Zoom electric moped scooter, surprisingly good

Hi guys, just sharing my new experience with an electric moped from Zoom USA electric mopeds i just got about 2 months ago.

Had a gas moped for a long time and loved it. And i had always doubted electric ones. but my friend got an electric one and told me to try it out. fell in love the first time i tried it especially because of the gratification from the instant torque from the electric motor and also the smoothness! so i bought a brand new one also for less than $1900 with free shipping.

Also, even though gas mopeds are awesome but they required quite a bit more regular maintenance than electric ones. and the smoothness and quietness are also great for daily riding. i guess i just need to change the tires on the electric one, no more spark plugs and oil changes! and it always starts up.

On average i get more than 50 miles per charge, which is quite enough for 1 week of getting around. i just plug it in overnight, and it will be fully charged in the morning, no more filling up at gas stations, even more saving. top speed is about 35, which is sufficient for me for city commute and grocery shopping.

Anyway, this is well worth my investment. Just sharing my experience. take good care and stay healthy!

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has anyone had issues with repairs? I have a small puncture in the rear wheel and nobody will work on it in my town. where can I get my wheel fixed? please help.

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